Freddie Mercury’s greatest regret over Michael Jackson relationship ‘I blew it’ | Music | Entertainment

Freddie said: “State of Shock I couldn’t complete, so Mick Jagger did it. I actually did the vocals. Timing is everything.

“At the time when he wanted me to finish it, I just said, ‘I can’t, I really haven’t got time.’ I was working with Queen. I was in Munich, he was in Los Angeles. He said, ‘Is it OK if Mick does it?’ I said, ‘Fine.’

“So all that remains is the only track that we wrote together called Victory, which he then used as the title for the Jacksons album. It’s the only track we wrote together. We have a demo. It sounds great.”

In the 1983 interview, Freddie also opened up about how different their lifestyles were, and how “frightened” he was by one realisation.

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