Joe Biden approval rating PLUMMETS – three reasons US President faces falling popularity | World | News


The US presence in Afghanistan has bridged several US presidencies, often as a cornerstone of international policy.

Although promises for total troop extraction began with Donald Trump’s administration in 2020, President Biden presided over the endgame.

The final withdrawal has garnered significant criticism over the last month, with many US allies vulnerable to Taliban retribution left behind in the country.

Weapons, vehicles, facial recognition technology and other equipment have now fallen into Taliban hands.

Afghanistan threatens to leave Mr Biden in a popularity ditch, given the recent terror attacks.

ISIS affiliates in the country known as ISIS-K took advantage of the US presence amid political unrest and carried out two terror attacks.

The dual suicide bombings hit locations outside of Hamid Karzai International Airport – which western militaries were using to evacuate personnel and civilians – killing 13 American troops and 169 Afghans.

The crisis has not yet appeared in the polls and may see Mr Biden lose the slim majority of support he still has as the final troops prepare to leave by August 31.

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