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Brian has been hitting headlines recently with his campaign rallying his Bri-army to get the rerelease of his first solo album, Back To The Light, into the charts. Accompanied by Out Of The Light, a bonus disk featuring additional tracks, it is the first release from his Brian May Gold series of remastered versions of his solo material. Earlier today, though, he shone the spotlight on the “magnificent” work of other musicians. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE VIDEO IN FULL

Brian posted the announcement on his Instagram page to his 2.9million followers.

He wrote: “This has to be the greatest cover EVER of one of my tracks. It’s not from Back to the Light – but from Another World. It resonates massively with me because we’re now working on this album – for the next issue in my GOLD SERIES. Also because these wonderful boys did it for my belated birthday present! But most of all because this is fn brilliantly done… THANK YOU so much.”

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Tyler said; “It was so belated from us because we did not want to get in the way of the rerelease of your very first solo record, Back To The Light… We hope you enjoy this Brian, we miss you, Happy Belated Birthday and we hope to see you soon.”

Neil added a punning last comment: Well, it only remains for us to say one last thing, Brian, and that is we need to get down to some serious …Business.”

The lyrics of the song focus on Brian’s struggles to make his way alone, battling his doubts and fears, “When my belief in myself is gone.” He has often spoken of the pain and devastation, personally and professionally, of losing Freddie Mercury in 1991. But the guitarist also faced the loss of his father, Harold May, to cancer the same year.

The lyrics repeat the refrain, “Don’t leave me father,” and “Don’t leave me Mama,” followed by “It’s a hard business being on my own.”

The track came out in 1998 and Brian would lose his mother Ruth to an aneurism a couple of years later.

In a recent article, Brian spoke of teh enduring legacy of his father: “Dad’s motto was “If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” We certainly did that with Queen!

“I hope he’d be proud. Since he died, I’ve become a person who tries to make a difference to the world, and not just through music. I think he’d smile, nod his head and say ‘Yes, son, you’ve done the right thing.’”


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