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A former English language teacher stranded in Afghanistan said he “regrets” working with the UK mission in the country because his life is now at risk from the Taliban.

The unnamed teacher said he has been targeted by the Taliban because his face is on billboards in Afghanistan advertising English classes.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said: “I regret working with the English.

“I regret helping people learn English.

“Why did I work for people who left me and fled and left me alone here?

“They are looking for me because I’ve got pictures in billboards advertised for classes.

“Also, I worked for the British Council.

“I worked for the UK for the past eight or nine years.”

US forces finally withdrew from Afghanistan yesterday, a day ahead of the deadline set by Joe Biden, bringing to an end a deployment that began in the wake of the 9/11 attacks 20 years ago.

Now that foreign troops have left Afghanistan, foreign secretary Dominic Raab admits it will be a ‘challenge’ for British citizens and vulnerable Afghans to escape.

The teacher said he tried to flee the war-torn country shortly after the Taliban took over, but found there was no way to escape.

He said he applied for the evacuation scheme but had “no reply” and was eventually able to obtain a Pakistan visa but has been unable to leave safely.

“Last night was the worst,” he said.

“It was, the whole night, guns while you’re sleeping.

“It damages your mind.

“My fate will be the same, like others.”

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