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The latest Bond movie title lends itself to numerous gags about the fact there has been no good time to release the movie, following endless delays, changes in director, on-set accidents and then the rampaging pandemic. But Daniel Craig’s final outing looks set for a September 30 UK debut. And the final international trailer it reinforcing our fears that this movie may actually dare to kill off James Bond. SCROLL DOWN TO ALSO SEE THE FINAL US TRAILER WITH ADDITIONAL SCENES

The new trailer shows the devastating fallout when Bond realises his girlfriend Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) has been keeping a terrible secret from him. He is forced to seek help from his greatest enemy Blofeld (Christoph Waltz).

Blofeld tells him: “James, fate draws us back together. Now your enemy is my enemy. How did that happen?”

Bond drawls back: “Well, you live long enough…”

Except, everything in this trailer and even more so in the US one below, point towards that life approaching its end.

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The film also introduces the new 007, with Captain Marvel star Lashanna Lynch stepping into Bond’s secret agent shoes after he quit at the end of the previous movie SPECTRE. Unless she, herself, is killed, it seems unlikely she will step aside to allow him to resume the role. 

Whether or not Bond actually dies, it seems clear that the producers will be wrapping up an entire storyline and iteration of teh character with this film. Previously, all the other 007 actors have just slipped into an ongoing franchise, bring new stories from author Ian Fleming’s canon to life.

Now there are no more of his books, this really will be an ending to 58 years of filmmaking, with the producers likely to embrace a bold and total reboot.

As well as Blofeld, No Time To Die will also introduce Rami Malek as sinister new villain Safin, who is planning something cataclysmic to remake the world into something “tidier.”

Ben Whishaw returns as Q, with Naomie Harris and Moneypenny, with Jeffrey Wright as Felix and Ralph Fiennes as “M”. Blade Runner’s Ana de Armas will play the latest machinegun-toting Bond girl.


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