Pen Farthing’s dog ‘stabbed by Taliban’ at Kabul checkpoint – Ex-Marine exposes horror | World | News

The former British Royal Marines commando and founder of the Nowzad Dogs charity claimed the Taliban stabbed one of his dogs as he fled with his rescue animals. Mr Farthing said five cats died on the journey and he believes that one dog was stabbed by the Taliban when they drove through a checkpoint, the Daily Mail reports. He said that “nobody in the British Government facilitated my entry into that airport, I did that with the Taliban”.

He added: “I came up to the British checkpoint, that was the first time and this is well into the airport.

“The Taliban and British are stood there, there’s some barbed wire separating them that was the first time I spoke to any British people.

“So whoever is making any accusations or any comments needs to actually have been stood there on the ground to see how I got into that airport.

“Nobody facilitated my entry, any interpreters or anybody else, there was me and the truck full of dogs and cats, which went into a cargo hold where you cannot put people.”

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The animals that Mr Farthing brought back will need to quarantine under UK law.

If some are found with diseases they will need to be euthanised.

Mr Farthing said he feels “no joy just guilt” after leaving without his Afghan staff.

He added: “Guilt that for whatever reason I couldn’t persuade the powers that be to give me that paperwork a few days earlier, guilt that I left them behind.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail he said: “I think I’ve cried more in the last five or six days than I have since I was four-years-old.

“I’m just numb with it.

“I think it’ll take a long time to ever get out of my head having to say goodbye to the two members of staff who drove the truck for me to get me into the airport along roads just lined with people.”

He added that it took six days to get the correct paperwork for the evacuation flights before he finally made it out.

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