Novak Djokovic slams ‘spoiled brat’ comments after fan heckles at US Open | Tennis | Sport

He continued: “I mean, particularly that guy for some reason was calling, raising the sound and kind of screaming just before I would hit my smash, which was a big point. Before that he would do a few times. After that again.

“That wasn’t nice. That’s all. I don’t mind the noise. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s important for the entertainment, for the crowds, the music.

“I get it. But if someone does it over and over again, particularly when you are at his side, he knows why he’s doing it.

“The guy that I pointed out, he knew exactly what he was doing, and that’s all.”

The 85-time title winner didn’t let one person stop him from saluting the crowd though, delivering his trademark post-victory celebration of giving his heart to fans in all four sides of the stands.

He failed to complete the gesture in his first round match, when he mistakenly believes fans were booing him throughout although they were chanting “Ruuuune” to support his underdog opponent Holger Rune.

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