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President Joe Biden has faced another gaffe-filled day on a visit to flood-affected communities in New Jersey and New York. Mr Biden spoke to residents on a tour of areas damaged by tropical storm Ida. In total 50 people were killed in the flooding the hit in the wake of the storm. Mr Biden pinned the blame for the natural disaster on climate change during a speech in New Jersey but a string of unfortunate blunders distracted from the focus of his address. 

During a stop on New Jersey, Mr Biden said: “We’ve got to make sure that we don’t leave any community behind, and it’s all across the country.”

The President went on to discuss the damage done to Midwestern region of the US by tornadoes.

“The members of Congress know, from their colleagues in Congress that, uh, you know, the, looks like a tornado, they don’t call them that anymore, that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country, in Iowa and Nevada,” he said.

“It’s just across the board.”

Mr Biden also promised further aid to communities affected by hurricane Ida.

He said: “One of the things that today I’m going to ask you about … is about how we’re going to build back, and we’re going to build back realizing what the status of the climate is now, what the trajectory of it is going to be, and we can no longer, we all know, we can’t just build back to what it was before.

“And we can no longer — we all know — we can’t just build back to what it was before.  Whatever damage done in New Jersey, you can’t build back and restore it — what it was before, because another tornado, another 10 inches of rain is going to produce the same kind of results. 

“So, I want to talk a little bit about the specifics about the things you think you would need not just to get back to normal, but to get back to a place where, if it happened again, the damage would be considerably less.  That’s what this is all about, in my view.  This is an opportunity.”

Addressing a crowd in New York, the President suffered another gaffe after telling a child not to jump off a balcony.

President Biden blurted out: “How are you pal, how old are you?”

The kid replied: “Seven.”

President Biden quipped: “You are getting old! By the way, the neat thing about America, every time we end up with a problem going into a serious circumstance, we come out better than when we came in.”

“That’s because we are so diverse, that’s America. Be proud of it, and don’t jump.”

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