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It won’t be long before gamers are back exploring New World as part of the final open beta being hosted on Steam.

Publisher Amazon has confirmed that gamers in North America will get access very early and have until September 12 to play all the latest content.

Things are a little different for gamers in the UK, with the same open beta going live in the afternoon and ending on September 13.

But regardless of where you are playing it, this latest test will be open to everyone, as long as servers hold out under strain.

Many gamers are expected to for the New World open beta today, but some don’t know how they can access it.

The good news is that, unlike with closed testing, there will be no open beta codes required.

But gamers still have to follow a few steps before they can start downloading the New World open beta.


To join the New World open beta today, gamers just need to head over to Steam and jump onto the game’s official page.

There is currently an option to require access to the New World beta, which will register your interest.

After doing this, you receive an email to tell you when the New World open beta is available to download.

This won’t be happening until later today but you can perform this task now so that you can gain access as soon as servers are live again.

Here’s the rundown explained by the New World team:


Amazon has confirmed that the New World Open Beta Start Time has been scheduled for 3pm BST on Thursday, September 9.

In North America, the New World Closed Beta begins the same day at 7am PT.

Amazon has confirmed that the New World Closed Beta will continue until September 13 at 6am BST.

The Open Beta test will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish (Spain & LATAM), Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

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