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Former US/UK relations advisor and Senior Fellow of the Bow Group think Tank, Lee Cohen, told President Joe Biden “owes it to those perished” to come down hard on the terrorists behind the attack at Kabul Airport. An estimated 95 people were killed and 150 injured during the  terror attack on August 26 with Mr Cohen stating former President Donald Trump would not have taken the attack lightly. He explained not a single American was killed in 2020 because the Taliban and ISIS feared Donald Trump would “call down hellfire” upon them and that Mr Biden’s weakness would “embolden” terrorists moving forward.

A suicide bomber targetted the Abbey Gate at Kabul Airport as the August 31 withdrawal date grew closer and closer. 

It’s believed some 95 people were killed and 150 injured.

The Pentagon said that 13 US military personnel, including US Marines and a US Navy medic, were among the dead with a further 15 US troops injured.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the day after that Abbey Gate and the Baron Hotel, where evacuees were being processed, were now closed. 

Mr Biden said after the attack: “To those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone who wishes America harm, know this: We will not forgive.

“We will not forget, we will hunt you down and make you pay.”

Speaking to, Mr Cohen was asked whether it was right for Mr Biden to retaliate or leave things over fears of escalation. 

He explained: “Of course Biden should respond, he owes it to those who perished because of his woeful judgment.

“Not a single American was killed in Afghanistan in 2020 because the Taliban and ISIS knew if Americans were harmed while he was in office, Donald Trump would have called down hellfire upon them.

“There’s never been anything like this between the killing of our young people, our young great people and by the way other people.

“Can you imagine getting the military out, before you get your citizens, American people out? They took the military out first, we would have taken it out last.”

Mr Trump laid out the framework for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan where he agreed with the Taliban he would withdraw all US troops at the end of May 2021. 

However, when Mr Biden took office he pushed the full withdrawal date back until September 11, a move that angered the Taliban. 

At the beginning of August, Taliban forces began taking over Afghanistan before eventually moving onto Kabul itself.

Critics have slammed Mr Trump for agreeing to the withdrawal in the first place but have also attacked Mr Biden for the unilateral implementation of the withdrawal and the issues with evacuation.

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