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Yesterday, Thursday, September 9 2021, marked the 50th anniversary of John Lennon‘s second album, Imagine. The record was released in 1971, just one year after The Beatles had split up. Although the members of the band were engaged in various legal battles at the time, they were still good friends. 50 years on, Paul McCartney has continued to show solidarity with his late friend.

Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, held a listening party on Twitter this week to reflect on Imagine and discuss the album’s anniversary.

During the event, Ono posted some memories she had about recording Lennon’s seminal album, while also inviting others to do the same.

During the event McCartney posted on his Twitter account in support of the Imagine listening party.

As a man of few words, McCartney reposted the event while tweeting a music emoji, alongside the hashtag: “#IMAGINE50.”

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Many of McCartney and Lennon’s fans replied to the tweet to thank the star for posting about the singer.

One wrote: “Very heartwarming. Great to see a tweet from you. Peace to you, your family, and friends.” (sic)

Ono posted a number of touching memories about her late husband.

She said: “John was a simple Liverpool man right to the end. He was a chameleon, a bit of a chauvinist, but so human.”

Lennon went on: “He wanted to do them again! I told him that he’d never get them any better if he tried for years. It’s the best he’s played in his life, but he’d go on forever if you let him.”

In the same interview Lennon spoke openly about how he fell in love with Ono after meeting her while married to his first wife, Cynthia Lennon.

He said: “I always had this dream of meeting an artist woman I would fall in love with. Even from art school. And when we met and were talking, I just realised that she knew everything I knew. And more, probably. And it was coming out of a woman’s head.

“It just sort of bowled me over. It was like finding gold or something. To have exactly the same relationship with any male you’d ever had, but also you could go to bed with it, and it could stroke your head when you felt tired or sick or depressed. Could also be Mother.”

Lennon continued: “And all of the intellect is there; well, it’s just like winning the pools. So that’s why when people ask me for a precis of my story, I put: ‘Born, lived, met Yoko.’ Because that’s what it’s been about.”

Just nine years after Lennon released Imagine, he was assassinated.

The singer was shot outside his hotel home, The Dakota, in New York City, on December 8, 1980.


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