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In a shock claim while speaking to Fox News, the former President dropped an array of hints that he could in fact run for a second term as US president in the 2024 US elections. While he did not disclose any major details, Mr Trump told viewers how they will be “very happy” with what he has to say regarding the 2024 campaign in the coming weeks. His comments come as he tore into President Joe Biden for a string of leadership failures arguing how America deserves better leadership before going on to brutally attack social media platforms like Twitter who banned him from their website.

Mr Trump was asked by Fox News host Greg Gutfeld whether he will consider running in 2024 to become President for a second term.

A confident Mr Trump replied: “I love our country, I think you’ll be very happy!”

And in a stinging takedown of President Biden, Mr Trump added how “two or three years ago” Americans might not be happy at the prospect of Mr Trump winning a second term.

But he stressed that has now changed “especially when you see what is happening” in the USA. 

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Mr Trump confirmed that he will “make a decision in the not too distant future” on his campaign plans and stressed again his love for the United States.

He added: ”I think a lot of people will be very happy!”

The former POTUS went on to claim that he “certainly liked” the outcome of recent polling numbers within the Republican Party which he claimed gave him a “98 percent approval rating”.

He claimed: “Reagan had 87 percent, we have a 98 percent approval rating!

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He added Mr Biden’s decision making surrounding Afghanistan and his dealings with Afghan president Ashraf Ghani was “not a good call”.

The conversation then turned to Mr Trump’s work since leaving the White House last year as he set about slamming a series of companies and figures claiming how they had a role to play in his dismissal from public life.

He slammed Twitter as becoming “a very boring place” since he was banned from the platform before claiming he was pivotal in the platform’s popularity.

And in an amusing moment Mr Trump said how he did not want to “brag” but claimed Twitter “became successful and a lot of people said I had a lot to do with it”.

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