Taiwan ‘will fall’ without West as China has returned to ‘Mao mentality of total control’ | World | News

Political commentator Rowan Dean said China is moving backwards ideologically. He said Taiwan and Hong Kong are unable to fight back alone against China’s rulings, adding that the West must to have the courage to stand up to China to prevent this.

Mr Dean was asked on Sky News: “The crackdown in Hong Kong from China continues.

“China are just regressing as fast as they can, aren’t they?”

Mr Dean replied: “It is a real tragedy.

“China have regressed to a kind of pre-Xi Jinping to a Mao mentality where control is everything.

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“It is not a surprise that they are doing this, they will crack down and obliterate Tiananmen Square from memory if they get the chance.

“They have done it in China and shamefully some social media outlets in the West have helped with that process.

“The real scary thing is that no one in the West is standing up to them.

“Taiwan will fall and Hong Kong will fall and no one in the West is prepared to stand up and say this can not continue.”

“They agreed to engage on both sets of issues openly and straightforwardly.

“The two leaders discussed the responsibility of both nations to ensure competition does not veer into conflict.”

Chinese state media described the talks as “candid” and “in-depth” between Mr Biden and President Xi.

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