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The legendary tenor took the stage in Verona on a night celebrating Italian music stars. Against the spectacular backdrop of the Roman ruins of the Verona Arena, Andrea thrilled the VIP audience with yet another stunning performance of one of his signature tunes, backed by a full orchestra and choir.  SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE FULL PERFORMANCE

The Roman amphitheatre, which has been standing since 30AD, is famous for its usual summer season of opera. The enormous stage traditionally fills one end of the immense open-air structure and, as the audience looks on, the moon rises behind the performers.

In this spectacular setting, Andrea was awarded the Premio Arena di Verona, alongside fellow opera crossover superstars Il Volo. 

Andrea, who has just restarted his US and world tour, most recently performed the famous aria at Central Park in New York and at the Euro 2020 closing ceremony in June this year.

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Andrea, of course, delivered a flawless rendition of the iconic (and hugely challenging) aria, including that famous final Top B, which is a B4.

That final word “vincerò” is not only immensely stirring, but the meaning behind it is also equally powerful. It means “I will win” and is sung by the brave suitor to a cruel princess how has decreed everyone will die if they cannot help her discover his name. Typically OTT opera plotting but undeniably thrilling.

Especially when sung in such a beautiful setting by one of the greatest voices in the world. WATCH the full performance below.

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