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UPDATE: The Call of Duty Warzone patch notes are now live and all the big weapon changes and rebalancing can be found listed at the bottom of the article.

ORIGINAL: Today will see the launch of a new Call of Duty Warzone update, which looks to make even more weapon balance changes.

During the launch of Call of Duty Season 5 Reloaded, Raven nerfed several well-known combos, leading to a meta shift.

And it looks like more is being done this week to keep things fresh, with early patch notes confirming tweaks to the Krig 6.

The Krig has been seen as one of the best guns in the game over the past few weeks but will soon see an increase in recoil, which will make it less effective.

Raven justifies the change by suggesting that the Krig 6 is an entry-level which is being used by pros.

And it isn’t just rifles being tinkered with, as the OTs 9 and the TEC-9 are being adjusted alongside the Light Machine Gun Alpha and the Tactical Rifle Charlie.

According to Raven, the new Call of Duty Warzone update will arrive sometime today, likely before 6pm BST.

No set time has been announced for the new patch, with the development team telling fans online:

“Heads up! Tomorrow morning’s #Warzone update will contain various Weapon and Attachment adjustments.

“Clarification: These are ALL of the changes coming to the Weapons and Attachments tomorrow.”

This confirms that today’s Call of Duty Warzone update aims to rebalance weapons and will not include any major content news.

This follows the release of a new Warzone and Cold War bundle, which makes it possible to play as Judge Dredd.

Available for a limited time, the Tracer Pack: Judge Dredd Store Bundle can put you — or more specifically, elite Operator Ingo Beck of the Warsaw Pact — in the boots of an icon from one of Britain’s most legendary and long-standing comic magazines.

This Bundle went like on September 14 at 10:30 AM PT and will be available until October 14 at 10:30 AM PT.

A message from Activision explaining the character’s origins adds: “Introduced to the United Kingdom in 1977 and brought to the United States in 1983, a year before the “current events” of Black Ops Cold War, Judge Dredd is a household name within the European comic book world. He is not a typical “superhero,” but rather the definition of law and order, as revealed in his backstory:

“Cloned from the founder of the Judges, the “Father of Justice” Eustace Fargo, Joe Dredd was engineered to be among Mega-City One’s greatest law enforcers, and his reputation as the toughest, most respected and feared of the zero-tolerance cops precedes him.

“Uncompromising and unwavering in his commitment to the law, Dredd strikes terror in the hearts of any criminal with his mere presence. In the vast twenty-second-century metropolis, every citizen is a potential perp, and Dredd is the epitome of summary justice.”


Assault Rifles

We are reassessing and polishing the Gun Kick of the AK-47 (BOCW) to behave more closely to other 7.62 caliber weaponry. 

  • FARA 83 (BOCW)

    • Maximum Damage decreased from 29 to 25

    • Minimum Damage decreased from 25 to 23

    • Head Multiplier increased from 1.35 to 1.56

    • Neck Multiplier increased from 1 to 1.2

    • Upper Torso Multiplier increased from 1 to 1.1

The FARA 83 (BOCW) is forgiving in addition to sporting a relatively fast and consistent Time-to-Kill at both of its Damage Ranges – which we feel is exacerbated by how easy it is to control. We are shifting some of the FARA 83’s (BOCW) power into Locational Multipliers and aligning its TTK values more closely with other Weapons that require a similar level of skill.

The Krig 6 (BOCW) has dominated the scene for some time now and has continued to do so following our latest changes. We would like to take a moment to dissect why the Krig 6 (BOCW) has been so resilient. We believe there should be Weapons for players of all skill levels. In that regard, the Krig 6 is intended to be the entry-level long-range Assault Rifle — which we believe it is. These types of Weapons can become problematic when they are so easily controlled that their fastest theoretical Time-to-Kill values can reliably become their realistic TTK values, which is rarely the case. If that were always the case, the AK-47 (BOCW) and the XM4 (BOCW) would be the best Weapons bar none. Additionally, its generous Neck Multiplier created a scenario where its TTK could be reduced consistently and easily with a single bullet. We believe these changes will more firmly place the Krig 6 (BOCW) where it belongs in the path of Warzone Weapon mastery— a first or second stepping-stone.

We have a vision for where we would like the easiest-to-control, long-range Weapons to lie on the Time-to-Kill spectrum. We believe we are close, but not quite there. In the wake of these Weapons changes, the long-range engagement space may be succeeded by the QBZ-83 (BOCW). We will be monitoring its performance over the coming week to ensure its performance meets our expectations.


Submachine Guns

  • OTs 9 (BOCW)

    • Recoil increased slightly

    • Maximum Damage decreased from 34 to 31

    • Minimum Damage increased from 20 to 21

    • Headshot Multiplier increased from 1.35 to 1.52

    • Neck Multiplier decreased from 1.35 to 1

Part of what made the OTs 9 (BOCW) a powerhouse was how easily it could achieve its reduced Time-to-Kill speeds. With a shared Headshot and Neck Multiplier, headshots were nearly twice as easy to hit, making the OTs 9 (BOCW) remarkably forgiving for a Weapon with extraordinary TTK potential. These changes will require more precision to achieve its fastest TTKs. The OTs 9 (BOCW) will still be at the top of the mobility food chain, and will remain hardly bested in close-quarters engagements given a few well-placed shots.

  • TEC-9 (BOCW)

    • Maximum Damage decreased from 26 to 24

    • Minimum Damage decreased from 24 to 22

    • Neck Multiplier increased from 1 to 1.1

The TEC-9 (BOCW), like many other Weapons, had homogenized Locational Multipliers — which is an issue that tends to put balance in a precarious spot. This could often create a Time-to-Kill dichotomy where the Weapon would either too easily achieve fast TTKs or be largely inviable. This is not a particularly interesting design space for Weapons to exist in as we feel they do not adequately reward precision. We found a 540ms TTK a tad fast for no more than Torso shots, especially given its Rate of Fire.


Light Machine Guns

The Light Machine Gun Alpha (BOCW) has many desirable traits. Its Recoil, Gun Kick, and Handling were more what one might expect from a 5.56 Assault Rifle rather than a Light Machine Gun. These added LMG downsides will have players thinking twice about bringing an LMG to an AR fight.


Tactical Rifles

An overarching goal for us has been to bring all Weapons to viability. While burst Weapons may not be for everyone, we feel it is important that we support and cultivate a wide variety of playstyles and skill levels across all Warzone modes. With this reduction to Recoil and a slight boost to Rate of Fire on its barrels, we feel this burst Weapon will once again be in a viable state.



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