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US Vice-President Kamala Harris has been branded a “worrying figure” by Sky News Australia host Chris Kenny amid concerns Ms Harris could be in line to take over the presidency from Joe Biden before the next US election. It comes as Ms Harris was widely mocked for participating in an awkward video to mark World Space Week in which she hosted a group of children in Washington DC.

Host Chris Kenny told Sky News Australia: “If you, like me, you reckon the Vice President of the US Kamala Harris is a pretty worrying figure.

“Why? Well because she is pretty hard left or she would say pretty liberal.

“She is also relatively inexperienced, especially in global affairs.

“This is all highly important of course as the President is so feeble and weak.

He continued: “With Joe Biden looking so unsteady Kamala Harris could be the President before the next election.”

The Sky News Australia presenter slammed the recently aired Youtube video which showed the Vice President talking to a group of children about space exploration.

Ms Harris was widely mocked for the advice she dished out to the kids, who later turned out to be child actors.

She told them: “Never let anybody suggest to you that you are what they think you should be, you tell them who you are and who you know you are, and what you intend to be. Got that?”

“That is literally what these kids do,” Mr Kenny added.

“This stuff is so embarrassing, so lame, and so fake it reminds you of that program Veep, focusing on that fictional vice-president Selina Meyer.”

Ms Harris’s performance also drew a lot of flack on social media with conservative commentators roundly slamming the appearance as “cringe.”

Right-wing media personality Jack Posobiec simply tweeted: “The Cringe.”

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