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Kamala Harris has been savaged by Fox News contributor Lara Trump over in an awkward NASA video produced with the  US Vice President to mark World Space Week. Donald Trump‘s daughter-in-law blasted Ms Harris’s record as Vice President claiming that Americans would be unable to name one successful contribution from the VP. Ms Trump slammed Ms Harris’s appearance in the video, alongside child actors, as an “epic fail!”

Ms Trump told Fox News: “Kamala Harris is basically the picture-perfect example as to why woke virtue signalling does not work.

“Because whenever you give someone a position based on anything other than merit.

“Anything other than what they could actually bring to the table as part of your team what you get is Kamala Harris!

“Remember she wasn’t chosen for any other reason other than how she looks.

“They were happy to tell us that during the campaign.

“I bet if you asked 100 people in the street right now in America to name one thing that Kamala Harris has done successfully as Vice President, not a single person could name one thing.”

She added: “Now we have this ridiculous NASA video…we paid this Canadian company Sinking Ship productions you couldn’t even make it up if you tried. We paid child actors because I guess no kids could actually be recruited to try and make her more likeable.” 

Ms Trump went to brand the video an “epic fail!”

She is also relatively inexperienced, especially in global affairs.

“This is all highly important of course as the President is so feeble and weak.

He continued: “With Joe Biden looking so unsteady Kamala Harris could be the President before the next election.”

The Sky News Australia presenter slammed the recently aired Youtube video which showed the Vice President talking to a group of children about space exploration.

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