Cam Newton looking for NFL team after reports of change in his vaccination status | NFL News

Former New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton looking for a starting role after being released in August; could now sign and practice for a new team straight away after being vaccinated

Last Updated: 16/10/21 6:58pm

Cam Newton is vaccinated and looking for an NFL return

Cam Newton is vaccinated and looking for an NFL return

Cam Newton has improved his chances of a return after NFL Network reported that he is now vaccinated against Covid-19.

Newton has been without a team since being released by the New England Patriots at the end of August when they handed their starting quarterback role to rookie Mac Jones.

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The 32-year-old immediately signalled his desire to get back into the league but his path to a return was partially blocked by being unvaccinated.

Stringent rules this season mean players who have not been vaccinated face a five-day waiting period between signing with a team and reporting for duty.

That would make it tougher for any team to sign Newton if they were looking for a player who could contribute, and potentially start, straight away.

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Newton is reportedly only interested in joining a team that will make him starter.

He went 7-8 with the Patriots last season, passing for 2,657 yards, eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions – he also rushed for a valuable 592 yards and 12 scores.

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