Death penalty mapped: The 91 places where capital punishment still exists | World | News

But which countries still retain laws allowing the death penalty?

According to Amnesty International data published in April 2021, 109 countries had banned the use of the death penalty by law.

In addition, eight countries retain the death penalty only for serious crimes, such as those committed during times of war.

A further 28 countries retain the death penalty in law but have not executed anyone for at least 10 years.

Finally, 55 countries retain the death penalty in law – with just 18 having executed people in 2020.

This means capital punishment “still exists” in 91 countries overall.

There were five different methods of execution enacted in 2020 – the most common methods being hanging and shooting.

These two methods were used in 15 countries.

Lethal injection is the most widely and common method utilised in the USA, but some states also use other techniques included a gas chamber, electrocution, hanging and firing squad.

Beheading with a sword is the predominant form of execution in Saudi Arabia.

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