Emmanuel Macron polls: Young voters back Macron but Zemmour rocks the polls | World | News

Ms Le Pen is likely to suffer in the polls due to the running of far-right contender Mr Zemmor.

Mr Zemmour has repeated Mr Macron’s 2017 tactic, coming from nowhere to storm up the opinion polls.

In little more than a month, the political pundit has started to outrank almost all potential candidates except the French President himself in the polls.

The 63-year-old commentator is very popular with voters, but if he and Ms Le Pen both remain in the race it is likely they will split the rightwing vote, essentially cutting the percentage threshold for candidates hoping to qualify for the second round.

He has in fact been named as the French Donald Trump – with his supporters calling him a breath of fresh air in a society beset by political correctness.

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