Polexit warning: PM threatens EU over £104bn ‘blackmail’ amid court sovereignty row | World | News

The nation’s leader insisted Poland remains a “loyal member” of the EU – but warned the bloc risked becoming “deprived of democratic control” if it did not protect member states’ sovereignty.

The nation’s PM said the Government has no intention of following Britain’s example and leaving the bloc.

But he warned against a “dangerous phenomenon that threatens the future of our Union”.

Mr Morawiecki added “we ought to be anxious”

He wrote: “I mean the gradual transformation of the Union into an entity that would cease to be an alliance of free, equal and sovereign states – and become one, centrally managed organism, governed by institutions deprived of democratic control.

“If we do not stop this phenomenon, all will feel its negative effects. Today it may concern just one country – tomorrow, under a different pretext, another.”

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