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Political commentator Peter Hartcher reflected on the news Fu Zhenghua, former director of public security, is being investigated. He is being investigated over accusations of “serious violations of party discipline and law”.

Mr Hartcher believes President Xi may feel his leadership is threatened to some degree.

Mr Hartcher claimed to ABC: “Just in the last fortnight, the public security figure, the vice minister for public security who is also the minister for justice in the Chinese Cabinet.

“More importantly, he is a figure seen as very close to Xi Jinping for a long time.

“As the chief enforcer of Xi Jinping’s purges, and he has had a lot of them under the rubric of anti-corruption, he has been purging factional enemies and anyone he thinks might be a political problem.

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“This official, Fu Zhenghua has suddenly been placed under investigation which is the prelude to prosecution, purge and punishment.

“This has been quite a sensation within the Chinese political world and that is public because once you are placed under investigation they have to announce it.

“He is being accused of forming cliques and fermenting factions, in other words, beyond the control of the visibility of the President, talking to other people in the security establishment.

“He is the guy who controls the police, the secret police, the prosecutorial system and the judiciary system in China.

“Some of the top police officials, together with a billionaire who was executed for grafting in January, and local officials have now been named as plotting against the President.

“The exact threat has not been spelt out, whether they planned to arrest and detain him or assassinate him was not spelt out.

“It was evidently a serious plot and people have now been purged and moved against.”

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