Donald Trump’s former adviser 99.9% sure he will run for White House in 2024 – and win | World | News

GB News host Tom Harwood spoke to adviser Sebastian Gorka on his show. He asked whether Mr Trump would be running for Presidency again after failing to beat Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Mr Gorka said he is 99.9 percent chance the 75-year-old would be running again.

Mr Harwood said: “We can’t talk about this without the context of 2024.

“Dr Gorka, your friend Donald Trump, is he serious about winning and can he win?”

Mr Gorka then began laughing before he answered.

He then said: “I said it on my show recently, I gave a 95 percent chance that he is running.

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“Then he invited me to New York to talk about various things to do with the election.

“I came home and then said 99.9 percent, yes he is running.

“If we can stop election fraud, he gets to be the 47th President of the United States.

“I can’t wait, roll on 2024.”

Other political experts like Montana State University professor Bill Grover believe Mr Trump is showing signs he is going to run again.

Speaking to the Express, he said: “We don’t know for sure but there’s been no signals that he’s not going to run for office.

“When he spoke in Iowa it was notable that Senator Grassley, a senior senator, was there.

“He was fully at Trump’s feet in Iowa and when someone like Grassley, who has pushed back against him, shows his loyalty to Trump I think that suggests that even some of his opponents are coming to his side.


“His fundraising’s off the charts.

“He shows every sign of being a candidate for sure.”

A poll released last Wednesday suggested Mr Trump maintains a hold of Republican voters.

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