Pornhub settles California lawsuit that included Canadian women

Pornhub and several affiliated companies have settled a lawsuit brought by 50 women who alleged it profited from pornographic videos published without their full consent.

Brian Holm, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, confirmed the settlement and said its terms are confidential.

The lawsuit filed last December in U.S. district court in California alleged that MindGeek, parent company of Pornhub, knew or should have known that one of its commercial partners regularly used fraud and coercion to get women to appear in videos.

The lawsuit initially involved 40 women, including three Canadians, but it was later expanded and other businesses connected to MindGeek were added as defendants.

While MindGeek is legally headquartered in Luxembourg, its main office is in Montreal.

In response to a request for comment, MindGeek said in an emailed statement today that it has zero tolerance for illegal content on its platforms.

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