Harry Enright: The one-handed teenage rider dreaming of jockey career after graduating British Racing School | Racing News

One-handed teenager Harry Enright has moved a step closer to realising his childhood dream of becoming a professional jockey, breaking new ground with the use of a specially-made prosthetic.

Enright, 17, has recently completed an 18-week course at the British Racing School “with flying colours” and is now a work rider with Oxfordshire trainer Lawney Hill.

The Londoner, who was born without a left hand, has a custom-made prosthetic which uses a magnet and wire system to release in case Enright needs to get off the horse or is thrown off.

Explaining his story, Enright told Great British Racing: “When I was younger I was quite into football and it got to the point where I thought I could either continue playing that, work in an office or try and make something of myself.

“I’ve always loved horses and decided I wanted to take that further and get into racing so I came to the British Racing School. There is Guy Disney who rides with a lower limb prosthetic but we weren’t aware of anyone else who rode with a prosthetic arm.

Harry Enright. Credit: British Racing School
Enright has completed an 18-week course at the British Racing School and is now as work rider with trainer Lawney Hill. Credit: British Racing School

“Everyone has got their bigger goals of where they want to be. I still have that bigger goal there but I’m just taking smaller steps.

“The biggest goal is trying to be a jockey. Hopefully, I can get on with riding out and continue moving forward.”

James, Harry’s father, said: “His riding has come on leaps and bounds as has his self-esteem and confidence. They [the British Racing School] have pulled that out of him. We sent him here as a little boy and he came back home a young man. We couldn’t be more happy with the progress that he’s made.”

Harry’s mother Michelle added: “We’re extremely proud of him. Behind all of this as well is for him to inspire others like him to never give up on their dreams. We’re in the 21st century and a lot can be done. He wants to show that it can.”

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