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As Russia’s chief propagandist Dmitry Kiselvyov urged Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons “to plunge Britain into the depths of the sea” and to wipe the UK off the map, former Conservative Party leader Sir Ian Duncan said “[The UK] should take these threats seriously”. In light of the call for attacks, Mr Duncan Smith highlighted the necessity for nuclear deterrents and openly warned “[Russia] is not like us and [Kremlin] don’t put these things through a democratic process”.

Speaking to Mr Duncan Smith, Talk TV host Julia Hartley-Brewer asked: “What do you make of Russia making these claims, the threats to the west, the mentioned nuclear capability and the threat of having a nuclear senior army to wipe out the UK?

“Should we be taking these threats seriously?”

Mr Duncan Smith responded: “I think you always take threats seriously from totalitarian states.

“They are not like us.  They do not have to put these things through a democratic process.

“So when Putin makes threats, you take it seriously.”

He also added: “The difference is ‘will he really go through these threats?’.

“Well, that is the whole point of the [nuclear] deterrents.

“Those who were opposed to deterrents for years, perhaps now can realised why it is necessary.

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During his Sunday night show broadcasted live on Russia’s main TV channel, the propagandist also warned that the mentioned nuclear bomb would in fact be able “to trigger a 1,600ft radioactive tidal wave and to wipe the UK off the map”.

Kiselyov justified the threats by falsely claiming that PM Boris Johnson has previously threatened to use nuclear weapons to destroy Russia. 

The threats are instead believed to be a consequence of the UK’s continual military and financial support provided to Ukraine since beginning of the Russian invasion. 

According to the Federation of American Scientists, Russia owns a stockpile of 5,977 nuclear weapons, compared to the combined total of 5,943 owned by NATO member nations. 

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