Hamburg airport lockdown as 450kg aerial bomb discovered – Police prepare to defuse | World | News

The 450kg aerial bomb was found at 2.38pm on Wednesday at the Airbus Hamburg-Finkenwerder airport, an aircraft manufacturing plant and associated private airfiled in the southwest of the German city. An integral part of the Airbus-owned plant, it is exclusively used by the company for corporate, freight, test and delivery flights. A fire department spokesperson said: “The bomb has been moved to a natural sink where it is to be rendered harmless by the explosive ordnance disposal service.”

The spokesperson added: “The operation is currently under preparation.”

A radius of 150 meters surrounding the scene was locked down on the ground, while the airspace was closed to a radius of 300 meters.

Meanwhile, two roads near the airport were shut in both directions and restrictions and diversions were issued on several bus routes, Hamburg’s public transport operator said.

Police could not confirm how long measures would need to be in place.


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