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Oleksiy Goncharenko thanked Boris Johnson for providing essential military support to Ukraine to enable the defence against the Russian invasion. The Ukrainian Member of Parliament was certain the provision offered by the United Kingdom would undoubtedly lead his country to victory. He said: “We are very grateful for all the support we are receiving from the United Kingdom and we are thankful to Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the leadership he shows in support of Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian MP welcomed Boris Johnson’s address to Kyiv’s Parliament yesterday which outlined the Prime Minister’s clear pledge of support to the Ukrainian defence.

Speaking from Odessa, Oleksiy Goncharenko told GB News: “Yesterday’s speech was also important to concrete things he has already mentioned.

“The military aid which will include anti-artillery radar, missiles, armoured vehicles.

“The main message is to assert that he is sure that Ukraine will win.

He continued: “The United Kingdom will be with Ukraine until the victorious end.

“That is important for us, we are thankful for this.”

The Ukrainian MP offered insight into life in his country under attack from violent Russian forces.

He continued: “I was just listening for probably seven minutes to your programme and I want to say in truth, I feel envy that people are discussing local councils and the tax.

“Unfortunately in our country now, we have a situation where we are at existential threat.”

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The Ukrainian MP condemned the Russian invasion and maintained the complete innocence of Ukraine in the conflict.

He added: “We have not deserved it in any way, we have not attacked anybody, we are probably the most peaceful nation on this planet.”

Putin’s invading forces continue to attack Ukraine, in particular, the port city of Mariupol remains under siege.

Ukrainian ministers, including President Zelensky, have thanked the UK sincerely for their alliance and praised Boris Johnson as leading international support for Ukraine. 

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