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A spokeswoman said the two G7 leaders agreed “democracies around the world needed to stand in unity against authoritarian regimes”. The UK and deal is the first of its kind between the Far East nation and a European country, and was signed on Thursday May 5 by both parties.

Both Boris Johnson and Japan’s leader, Fumio Kishida, met in Downing Street to discuss the pact, which springs from the back of Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister said the world observed the “strong stance” the Japanese government had taken “against the Russian aggression in Ukraine”.

He added: “We in the UK recognise that our security in Europe is indivisible from the security, our collective security, in the Asia-Pacific, in the Indo-Pacific region.

“And there is direct read across from the actions of autocratic, coercive powers in Europe, to what may happen in east Asia.

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“Both leaders agreed that Russia’s barbaric invasion marked the end of the post-Cold War period and had major implications for wider international stability.

“Security in the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific regions was indivisible, they agreed, and the G7 leaders said democracies around the world needed to stand in unity against authoritarian regimes.”

Japan is a G7 country like Britain, and is part of the alliance working with Ukraine to see off the Russian war waged against them.

Japan has already promised to increase its energy production to make up for the shortfall created by the widespread end to using Russian gas.

Speaking to business leaders prior to his meeting with the Prime Minister, Mr Kishida said Japan would utilise its nuclear reactors to end its imports of Russian energy.

The UK and Japan also agreed to exert pressure on Russia and help allies become less dependent on its oil and gas.

Post-Brexit Britain has been making a shift towards alliances with Asian countries and the Indo-Pacific area.

It comes after a review last year into foreign and defence policy by the Government last year.

In 2021, Mr Johnson announced a £16.5 billion increase in defence spending over the next four years.

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