Ukraine LIVE: Putin’s army advance crumbles as forces mistakenly wipe out Odesa toilet | World | News

Vladimir Putin has sent Russia’s only tank support vehicles to the target city of Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine, which failed to gain much ground for the Russians when they attacked Kyiv.

In its daily military intelligence update, the UK Ministry of Defence tweeted: “Russia’s only operational company of BMP-T Terminator tank support vehicles has likely been deployed to the Severodonetsk axis of the Donbas offensive.

“Their presence suggests that the Central Grouping of Forces (CGF) is involved in this attack, which is the only formation fielding this vehicle.

“CGF previously suffered heavy losses while failing to break through to eastern Kyiv in the first phase of the invasion.

“Russia developed Terminator after identifying the need to provide dedicated protection to main battle tanks it used during the Afghan and Chechen wars.

“The Severodonetsk area remains one of Russia’s immediate tactical priorities. However, with a maximum of ten Terminators deployed they are unlikely to have a significant impact on the campaign.”

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